Darla Adair Davis


I want to forget everything I know and everything I've even imagined about my subject in order to see it anew and connect in a fresh way that guides my creative approach. Instead of observing an object or scene, I watch light play with shadow. I notice rough surfaces against velvety softness; I see colors merging and contrasting. I look for the essence, the energy, the invitation to engage with and wonder about what I'm seeing. I want the image I create to allude to a story that isn’t quite told in the image itself.

Darla is an Artist Member of HeARTs Speak, an international organization uniting art and advocacy to increase the visability of shelter and rescued animals.

Darla’s work has been exhibited at Mooresville Arts, Mooresville, NC: The Light Factory, Charlotte, NC; The Cornelius Art Center, Cornelius, NC; A Work of Art Gallery and Gift in Bristol, TN: and in other exhibits. Her work has been published in Currents Magazine and The Denver Daily News. She grew up in Kingsport, TN, is a graduate of East Tennessee State University and now resides in NC.